Build solid strength and physique

Over 60 videos will walk you through the complete calisthenics routine to build full body strength as well with targeting specific muscles. After the proper warm up you will focus on hypertrophy and strength training. But wait, that’s not all! Additional skills guides will be an excellent starting point if you want to finally get a full control of your body.

Take care of your body and release pains

We all know that every calisthenics athlete has a great physical confidence. Once you start calisthenics routine, you will notice that your muscles need special treatment – they need to be stretched. At the side of a workout routine, control development of your body and use training charts to create your own stretching routine with our ideas!

Fuel your body – eat well

Alongside workout and stretching sessions there is also a main factor that defines success. Nutrition Guide will provide you principles of how to eat that you can incorporate to your everyday diet. You want to build muscle mass or reduce body fat? Let’s check videos and E-book included in Nutrition guide to see what to do!

All Caliathletics Programs are provided via online platform

They are available on your computer or mobile device, so no matter what your schedule is, no matter where you live – let yourself train whenever you want to! To ensure efficient workout session anywhere you go we give you instant and lifetime access to structured programs.

  • Offline version to download in PDF
  • Complete online video tutorials
  • Online consultations with Caliathletics Team
  • No gym membership required

Our premium packs guarantee a significant discounts and best values. This is definitely not just a bunch of online courses – once you get a package, at the same time you get a chance of development your whole physique with all significant elements.


Boost your performance! Get the most out of your workouts with our premium packs.

  • Build impressive and healthy Physique
  • Optimize your progress
  • Cover each factor
  • Stay motivated
Body Transformation
$ 99
Reg $118

Best choice

Full Body Transformation
$ 149
Reg. $177

Healthy Performance
$ 109
Reg. $138

Even if you can’t start immediately with program bundles, or if you want to take things slow, we have a perfect solution. Choose an online course that suits your needs best and start with a single one.

Workout Program
$ 79
  • Beginner, intermediate, advanced (20 levels)
  • Each exercise presented on video
  • Static & dynamic skills guides
  • Warm up routine
  • Over 60 videos
  • Possibility of consultations


Stretching Program
$ 59
  • Morning mobility routine (14 videos)
  • Basic mobility exercises (28 videos)
  • Stretching exercises (24 videos)
  • Additional exercises for each muscle group (22 videos)
  • Follow along routines
  • Training charts


Nutrition Guide
$ 39
  • Complete E-book
  • Each topic explained on videos
  • Example nutrition plans
  • Step by step guide on setting up your nutrition


Build Physique and achieve Skills Workout program with progressive overload, nutrition guideness and video tutorials for calisthenics skills

  • Build impressive Strength
  • Get the most of Nutrition
  • Improve your Flexibility & mobility
  • Release pains

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