Commonly asked questions:

Each of the programs includes a section in which you can find the strength requirements for each level. Get familiar with the content of each program and make the decision or save 35% and get the Elite Transformation Program.

Of course! While creating the workout programs, I focused on including as little additional equipment as possible so that everyone could perform the workouts. There are small requirements if we want our trainings to be effective and make sense. We will only need a pull up bar and dip bar. This will allow us to train every muscle group!

Of course! The physique goal is the main assumption of my workout programs. The programs will be effective for people that want to build muscle mass as well as those who want to lose fat tissue.
The only difference will be the caloric supply. It is recommended to sign up for our free nutrition e-book that is available on our website.

I would definitely recommend buying the Nutrition Guide. Even the best workout program won’t be as effective without correct nutrition.
If you are not gaining or losing weight, you have probably chosen your caloric supply and macro-nutrients incorrect.  The Nutrition Guide will explain to you step by step how to organize your eating and what is more, you will get recipes in video form and some examples of nutrition plans.

After the purchase, you will receive access to our online platform with video tutorials and mobile version, which is user-friendly.

The program includes 3 or 4 workouts per week as a base. The workout volume was carefully calculated and will ensure the optimal progression with that number of trainings. I also explained in the program, how can we modify when someone wants to work out more frequently.

I made sure that every exercise was carefully explained in a video tutorial. Professional animations show to what we should pay attention to perform the exercise correctly and what muscles are involved.

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