This full mobility and stretching program will take you through a whole new path towards becoming an overall better Calisthenics/Street Workout athlete or, if you are simply interested in increasing your overall mobility and flexibility, to become your body healthier day by day.

Thanks to the way this program is made, it’s divided into three different routines as follows:

  • Basic Mobility routine (full body)
  • Morning Mobility-Yoga routine (full body)
  • Full body Stretching routine
  • Bonus set of additional exercises for a complete personal routine customization

Each one of the above routines focuses on letting you learn and understand the different techniques of mobility and flexibility, their execution thanks to videos in high resolution explaining the exercises one by one. At the end of each path, you will also get a full-length video, which sums up all the exercises in one unique routine so that you can store them in your mind and take them with you wherever you are. In terms of contents these three programs are divided per type, hence a whole Basic Mobility routine, followed by its evolution into a morning Mobility-Yoga routine, ending up into a Full Body Stretching routine; you will have chance to definitely improve your overall flexibility, mobility and most of all become a better overall Calisthenics performer. Start including these three programs on a daily basis, follow the instructions and you won’t have regrets about the results you can achieve, thanks to them!


  • Three different programs divided by type so to focus on increasing mobility (first) as well as flexibility
  • Video tutorials step by step on how to execute each exercise of each routine with correct form, time ranges and how to progress to the next level of difficulty according to the improvements you get
  • Full body routines both for mobility and flexibility, including a glimpse of some of the most common Yoga poses/exercises
  • Full-length video per each routine, that allows to perform the exercises in a unique sequence so to memorize it and make it a treasure you can carry with you
  • A separate list of specific exercises that you can include in your own routines, so to customize and make them more and more suitable to your needs


By purchasing, the three routines showed above, hence the full program, you will get a package that includes all the most important exercises needed to get a first habit to complete new levels of mobility and flexibility. Go for it, start practicing with patience, ambition and most of all, the will to change ourself and find out the best of you. Learn the way of living according to which, it is possible to find always a time to dedicate for the care of your body’s health.
Start today and get rid of all those worries, aches, pains and whatever can cause you to slow down during the day, because you are struggling to reach the end of it. Get up every morning with a new spirit, hunger of learning and improving and distinguish yourself from the others! Be the best you can be!

Stretching program

Clearly organized, divided into specific sections Stretching and mobility routine that make use of various sport disciplines as calisthenics or yoga. Perfect to use not only in the mornings, but also on rest days or after your workout session to cool down body and control it’s development.

  • Over 70 high quality videos
  • Exercises for each muscle group
  • Step by step guidance
  • Possibility of own routine customization



Have you ever thought about revolutionizing your daily habits?!
Well, with this program you can surely give them a shake! Its main goal is helping you to keep improving the mobility you have been developing with the first routine, by keeping some exercises the same as before and by also including some new ones typical of Yoga, so to get “the best of both worlds”.
Since you don’t wanna lose what you earned with surely some efforts (big or small), especially if you were a newbie, this program will allow you to keep practicing the routine, but to give a sense to what comes next. In order to do so, we highly suggest to perform this routine every single morning after you wake up so to get the best daily benefits out of it. Start taking your time to dedicate to this practice a small part of your day and be ready to be more positive, more energic and mostly, to have a body more free to move without having to dedicate at least half an hour getting it ready to face the daily commitments!


  • Start a new way of living by including this routine on a daily basis
  • Get rid of the pains and aches you can have immediately after waking up, every single morning
  • Free your mind and learn how to focus on giving relief to your body before starting the day with a total different mindset
  • Enjoy the new added Yoga exercises, that are representing some of the most common ones in this discipline
  • Learn how to perform each pose in dynamic/static way so to combine effective mobility exercises with Yoga ones


This program, thanks to its 13 exercises fully explained in detail in separate videos and then with a unique full length one, sums up what you already learned and gained with the previous basic mobility routine and adds some new techniques typical of Yoga. By including this routine on a daily basis, making sure to practice it every single morning after you wake up, we guarantee you will get a taste of how important is to relax your mind and body first thing first, so to face the everyday commitments with a total different mindset. Revolutionize your daily habits and get rid of that sense of laziness that was always in the back of your mind and that now can become just a past thought.
Keep improving your mobility and get ready for what comes next, since you don’t wanna surely leave behind your flexibility.


A program that aims to help you start getting more awareness of your body’s limits; in terms of mobility (first of all) and partly flexibility. Start releasing the daily aches and pains you have been having and get to know a whole new level of self-confidence in your body’s potential. Feel more freedom in whichever movement you can execute at home, at work, during your workouts or in whichever activity you are in on a daily basis.


  • Release your daily aches and pains (full body)
  • Get more mobile and flexible
  • Avoid or diminish injuries due to exceeding efforts while working or training
  • Get a first glimpse and learn how to apply the most effective static-active and static-passive stretching techniques
  • Trust yourself in achieving a new level of wellness


This program part is directly focused on helping all the people (newbies first) with very limited range of motion in their bodies, who have been struggling in finding an effective schedule to follow daily so to get effective results within a short time. Thanks to its 27 exercises that have been already tested and proven their effects on athlete’s bodies as well as common people who are simply looking at feeling better in their daily commitments while moving freely in the space, you will be able to start living in a whole different way. Moving without being anymore worried of possible aches and pains coming from sudden movements restricted by their lack of mobility and flexibility. Take your time, learn each exercise thanks to an in depth video description per each one of them; don’t get mad in trying to focus on “How do I do that?!” or “How will I ever reach that level?!”. Build the whole mobility routine thanks to a full-length video that allows you to perform all the 27 exercises in a unique sequence. Once you’re ready, and you have embedded it in your mind, take this basic mobility routine with you wherever you are and dedicate just a short time daily to always get benefits out of it.


It’s about time giving your body a whole new stimulus, by getting a full immersion into this whole new Fully Body Stretching routine! You have been focusing, thanks to our previous programs, on developing and improving your overall level of mobility, on getting a taste of some of the most common Yoga poses/exercises, but don’t forget that along with these elements comes another one very important to complete the puzzle: flexibility. Thanks to this program, you will be able to develop a full body flexibility and achieve incredible results in terms of benefits for your joints, tendons and ligaments. Start including this routine as often as you can on a weekly schedule, dedicate a whole session just to become more flexible and see what changes you can get in terms of quality of your workouts and, of course, of whichever movement you do on a daily basis.


  • Made of 23 different exercises that, combined in a unique session, are building an effective and enjoyable routine to follow
  • Dedicate a session on a daily basis, just for this program and be ready to make your workouts more simple than ever, thanks to the help you provide to your body for whichever exercise you perform
  • Stop struggling when trying to reach out the tip of your toes, make it become a habit
  • Learn how to decrease the stiffness progressively and release the aches and pains that are randomly targeting different body parts


With this Full Body Stretching routine, you can seriously change your point of view on which are your actual limits in terms of flexibility. Start performing this routine by dedicating a whole session in the day and you will indirectly start giving your mind and body a new habit that will take you to improve your body’s health so to make it last at its best shape as long as possible. Consider this routine as a chance you have to free your mind from all bad thoughts and worries, relax and focus just on learning how to feel your body in the space, how it reacts to some specific movements and how important is breathing while doing all this. Don’t waste any more time underestimating yourself, start today with this routine to give a shake to your body and mind!


Not yet satisfied with the previous parts of the program?! Feel the need to add something more to it?! No worries!! We are here to fulfill all your needs! With this bonus pack, which includes 21 additional exercises of different types, you’ll be able to customize your own routines according to your daily/weekly/monthly needs. Yes, because it’s true that providing you with just one solid routine it’s a lot of help, but we also know that our CNS needs new stimuluses time to time, so this is the proper tool to make it happen!


  • A bonus customization pack made of 21 different exercises that mixed with the ones you already know and learned, are building even more effective and still enjoyable routines to follow
  • This bonus pack gives you a significant help in order to understand that, with mobility and flexibility you are never done; there’s always something more you can add or modify so to provide the CNS with new goals to achieve
  • Avoid getting stuck in the same level you reached with so many efforts and keep going on to the next one
  • Learn how to understand and listen to your body signals, hence how to modify your routines so to always have new tools that can help to fix the different muscular issues you can come across along your journey, as an athlete or also as a non-practitioner


We highly recommend you to go on and make this bonus pack part of your daily habits too! Not because of the goal itself, but for the meaning they can have in terms of which benefits you get after learning how to customize your routines according to your needs. Remember that, there is no better doctor than ourselves, to understand the most common muscular problems you can face, if you practice a sport regularly (whichever the sport is). In terms of effectiveness, here we are not only talking strictly about Calisthenics/Street Workout, but on a wider scale referred to all possible types of sports. The Full Body Mobility-Stretching program we have built, is indeed a proof of the endless positive effects it can have on all kind of body types. You are either a professional athlete or a simple common person with the need to improve his physical condition in terms of mobility and flexibility, these routines and additional exercises will just suit you. You all know that, if you take care about these two important elements, your longevity and body’s health can be affected in positive by the help you provide them with, thanks to these routines and additional exercises, we have prepared for you. What are you waiting for?! Go on and practice, customize and enjoy the effects of these beautiful tools!


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