Muscle up

Is there ANYONE who thinks seriously about calisthenics workouts and not having Muscle up on his bucket list? Well, I don’t think so. Muscle up is a skill that requires both pushing and pulling strength, however we shouldn’t underestimate the role of proper technique to get over the bar easily. My muscle up program covers it all: Conditioning and adaptation phase to get strength requirements, technique explanation along with practical tips and tricks as well as knowledge acquired through my 4 years of experience as a coach.

All you need is the right program

No matter if you have followed some calisthenics workout routines or what is worse – worked out without it, when you really want to achieve a good result you should have a good programming particularly for this skill. Not only is my program going to provide you with the exercises you should do, repetitions, sets, rest time, TEMPO but also practical tips and video tutorials. Despite that you will be able to track your progress effectively and know how exactly reach progressive overload – that is the main factor of progress.
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It includes 3 levels of programming



If you want to make true progress and not suffer from injuries after each muscle…


This phase of program is dedicated to athletes that feel alreeady prepared to…



Wow! You already got your first muscle up, congrats! But this is not the end of …

Muscle Up Program consist of!

– Introduction to Muscle up
– Muscle up techniques
– Different types of Muscle up and how to achieve them
– Common Mistakes and how to fix tchem
– 3 levels of programming (14 weeks)
– 26 video tutorials for each exercises
– Perfect form of each exercise explained
– Highest quality videos
– Access to online platform and mobile version

Muscle Up Program consist of!


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Muscle Up Program



– Muscle Up techniques
– Perfect form explanation
– Common mistakes and how to fix
– 3 levels of programming (14 weeks)
– 26 video tutorials
– Proper technique explained
– Animations of engaged muscles

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