Desk exercises effects
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desk exercises workouts

Desk exrcises effects

The effects of chair workouts

The effects of chair/desk workouts is not only a sculpted body. For free you get a number of health benefits. Office exercises are one of the exercises that belong to the group of „training
core”. Done correctly strengthens the muscles of the deep muscles responsible for correct posture of the body, and also helps to relieve back pain.. Instead, in your daily diet, you can add pasta and wholemeal bread, plenty of vegetables and protein. This is due to the degreasing of the body – very often the muscle mass does not appear because of the increased levels of body fat.

But you will not quit your job – and you should not! So how to fight the negative effects of working in the office while maintaining your career and the rest of your life? The procedure includes a simple office training of desk workouts with exercises that you can do at the desk. These “office chair exercises” do not take much time, but focusing on strength and mobility for a few minutes a day at the desk can have a huge impact on how you feel and function.

desk exercises workouts

Exercises on the desk for better mobility and strength

The following office training routine is focused on the tight arms and tight hips that accompany a full day of work on the desk. It will help you build a lot of strength. And the best thing is that all these office exercises can be done directly at the desk, so you can do them in everyday work. All you need for these exercises to do at your desk, is a desk and chair. Let’s look in detail at each of these desk exercises.

  1. Exercise of a chair in the chest
    • Sit in the direction of the front edge of the chair and reach backwards to hold the sides of the chair.
    • Pull your elbows back and squeeze your shoulders as you move your chest forward.
    • Repeat 10 times, then raise the chest and hold for 15 seconds.
  2. Upper chest extension
    • Sit towards the front edge of the chair and lean forward, keeping the back flat.
    • Place your elbows on the desk in front of you and push them to the desk when you take your chest up and forward.
    • Repeat 10 times, then raise the chest and hold for 15 seconds.
  3. Drops in office chairs
    • Hold the front edge of the chair so that your butt is out of the chair and his feet are firmly set on the ground.
    • When bending your elbows, make sure that your chest is raised and aim your elbows back.
    • Lower your butt towards the ground, and then press it up, all the time looking straight ahead.
    • Repeat 10 times.
  4. Stretching the hip seat
    • Move the body to one side of the chair and extend this side leg behind you so that the knee is on the ground.
    • You will be in a supported lunge position, with the forward leg bent to 90 degrees and the hip supported.
    • Lift the chest and squeeze the rear buttocks. You should feel a nice stretch in the back hip flexors.
    • Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side
  5. The position of the spine always should be neutral
  6. Squats at the desk from the desk
    • Stand in front of the desk, with feet as wide as you can comfortably take them.
    • Stick to your desk to support your body when you bend your body in one direction, bending your knee so that you are crouched on one side. Your opposite leg will remain simple.
    • Push your hands into the desk to step back and move in the opposite direction.
    • Repeat 10 times on both sides

There is no wrong way to use this office training routine, but it may be helpful to set an alarm that will ring several times a day in your phone to remind you to do some of these exercises at your desk. Adding this regular traffic to your day can have a big impact on how you feel and how you move. And if you have a regular workout routine that you do outside of work, you can also achieve better results in your training goals. In addition to this routine office training, many of our customers use movements from our elements program to add regular traffic to their days. If you have a small piece of floor around your desk or office, you can work on elements exercises to do at your desk, whenever you have the opportunity.

office chair workout desk

When you don’t have a time for the gym

Don’t give up the fight for a better body. It is enough that each day perform one exercises at your desk and after 28 days you will see the result. During the first 11 days, it will take you no more than 60 seconds. Then a few minutes a day. The desk exercises engages not only the abdominal muscles, which, thanks to her getting stronger, but the whole body. After 28 days, the challenges, buttocks, legs and back will gain more power and improve the figure. The body will become too thin. In addition, it is a very small, simple desk exercises will also improve the overall condition and balance.

How to practice?

Make the pillars curved forward in the shoulders, elbows, place one line under the shoulders, forearms lay on the ground. Feet set hip distance apart, toes on the ground. Position the head so that it was a continuation of the trunk. Tense your entire body, especially your abdominal muscles and hold as you need. Not forgetting the regular breathing. For experienced athletes we have slightly more complicated version. For faster effect do the desk exercises with the feet placed on the ball gym. No other changes – the body remains in the same direction, hands on the ground. Then do the same thing, only with your arms outstretched. This will cause the muscles in much effort, so they can stabilise the body.

desk workouts exercises

What additional effects gives us the desk exercises?

Enhanced muscle tissue provides the basis for a worldwide firm support, making the body stronger and less prone to injuries that often lead to muscle weakness. In addition, a strong
“corset” of the body, protects internal organs. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, often complain of problems associated with pain in the spine. It is estimated that three-quarters of the population complains of this problem. Accordingly, the strap running will strengthen, stabilize and improve your posture, will give the same back pain. Desk exercises are the perfect addition to the daily workouts. For experienced people who train often, this exercise will help increase strength and overall fitness. Initially to keep in planku can be very difficult, but over time to do the exercises at your desk will be easier, and then we can choose other variations of desk, for example, side desk or mountain climber, ie desk with the involvement of the legs alternately toward your chest. One of the best, and more underrated of exercises involving abdominal muscles the exercise is an exercises at your desk.

This unique desk exercise

The more we do, the more we have the impression that everything we do in training, becomes easier. Regardless of what we are trying to raise a new weight, recover after a spinal injury or just to get better and stronger abdominal muscles, the desk will help us in this. Unfortunately, due to the static nature of this office chair exercises, many people refuses to it. No big weights, no crazy intensity, the only thing we have to do is stay motionless for a certain period of time, it can be discouraging.If we are talking about the benefits of running at office chair exercises it’s impossible to list them all. Athletes who regularly perform this desk exercise, seem to be stronger, move better, and have much stronger stomach muscles. Some of the desk exercises are directly related to plankiem (for example, classic pushups), so that the possibility of obtaining a corresponding position for a certain period of time will be reflected in other teachings. As for the abdominal muscles, the office chair exercises has a positive effect not only on muscles, simple. Muscle, transverse and oblique muscle also has been very active during its execution. It is difficult to find another such desk exercise, among others, involving the abdominal muscles. Increase endurance and strength of our abdominal muscles helps to eliminate diseases associated with the spine.

 office desk workout exercises

Given the various options in this exercise, we can easily manipulate the activity of individual regions of our muscles. A great example is side desk exercise, which not only significantly increases the activity of the oblique muscles of our belly, but also work great on the stabilization of a rotating body (for example, a problem with the external rotation of the hip). So, if we are talking about the theory, time to practice. Let’s start with the most common mistakes when performing office chair exercises. The first case is a situation in which a person does this exercise have to stretch overly rounded thoracic spine. Then the emphasis we put on the neck, arms, not your abdominal muscles.

In addition, muscle, thoracic, greater and akton front deltoid muscle decrease that will contribute to their contracture. In addition, this position restricts our potential, if we are talking about proper breathing. Another case of bad execution of office chair exercises is excessive falling of the pelvis, which leads to very high load of the rectifier of the spine and excessive in other words.

The office chair exercises are isometric exercises performed in the position for pushups on the outstretched hands or forearms, as well as in lateral position, resting on one arm or
forearm. Following the office chair exercises remember back, navel, under the spine, remote from each other growth. The head is a continuation of the spine, and therefore the position of the desk is not suitable for watching TV (there is too high a head raising, which threatens injury to the cervical spine). But we can put a newspaper and try to read one article while keeping the position of the desk.

Desk exercise brings a fast and amazing visual effects, due to the fact that the work will involved many parties of the muscles – the abdominal muscles, back, arms and legs. If you want to be beautifully sculpted body, waist and slim hips, don’t hesitate and start practicing.

Desk exercises are in position, like push-ups or modified push-ups. An essential element is to keep your back and lower body straight as a board. The basic rules governing the position of the body during the exercise strap-it: shoulders, glutes and legs, in line The head is in the neutral position, The body attached to the toes, shoulders straight, stomach muscles and buttocks tight. The position closely resembles the position of push-ups, with the only difference that occurs on the forearms, not the hands.

If you are a beginner, you may not be able to reach the correct position and to sustain it for at least 10 seconds. In this case, start with a options for beginners. If you’re able to sustain the position of a board within 20 seconds, you can go to the item intended for people rapidly.

If you’re able to keep the position of the board during the entire minute, you can try to cope with the problems of the position advanced.

Each of the variations of exercises performed with the body in a vertical position boards and relying on the toes. Read and remember the rules above relating to the correct positions. Or you can perform 10 repetitions of one kind or try to stand in position for 30 to 60 seconds.

The desc exercise is not easy, but it provides numerous and valuable benefits for teh health. If you don’t exercise regularly and you try to start from the level for people of average,
then this exercise may give you too hard and to keep you in progres .Instead, try to fight with a 30-day challenge, which gradually you will lengthen the time of holding position, and eventually you reach three minutes. This program starts with exercises,desc on the wall, so that the body is in a state of decline. If the first day will seem too simple, try it once on the floor, in a version for beginners, i.e. with support on the knees. The standard position of the Board is the body weight is kept on the toes with straight knees.



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