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Today we wanna focus our attention in understanding how the body type can affect the way you decide to start working out with Calisthenics routines.

We will try to give you a brief explanation of which and how many are the type of bodies and which characteristics each one them has.


Let’s start by dividing into three main types the bodies:




Here’s a little scheme that helps you to better understand which are the visible differences that each one has:

3 body types mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph

According to the picture above, you can already get a little idea of which differences are for each body type.

Now we will analyze each one them more in detail in order to provide a satisfactory description of their pros and cons.


This type of body is easily recognizable in those subjects who are first of all taller, but naturally relatively skinny, with a very low-fat mass percentage, thin bones as well as long-limbed body.

For its natural characteristics, subjects with such type of body tend to have a fast metabolism and so it will be harder for them to gain weight since the changes are very subtle with much effort.

Among the most common characteristics of ectomorph bodies we recognize:

  • Thin joints

  • Skinny

  • Fast metabolism

  • Get full easily

  • Small chest, shoulders and buttocks

  • Difficulty putting on weight (muscle growth)

  • Low body fat

Considering the above body characteristics, we can now try to give some little training tips:

  • In Calisthenics, a subject with such body can consider to work in a range of 10 repetitions minimum, considering that tends not to gain weight easily and so even working in hypertrophy, the result would be subtle if not after a quite long period of training

  • Due to the higher work volume, could be useful to consider a little longer breaks in between the sets in order to make the work effective and produce benefits on the body

  • Cardio should be reduced since a type of body like this one performing a TABATA or similar protocols, would lead to burn the muscles and go beyond failure being then counterproductive for the whole muscle mass

  • In case of cardio, a H.I.I.T. or E.D.T. method would be recommended since they don’t focus on reaching muscular failure; with E.D.T. especially the body will instead work on hypertrophy favoring muscle growth

In terms of nutrition, we can just say that:

  • Eating high-density food gainers such as almonds, nuts, avocado, peanut butter, toasted sesame bars with caramel and so on, can help to provide energies as well as to keep the muscles in shape
  • Considering the difficulty that usually the stomach meets in eating a whole big meal, could be of help break calories up into several small meals throughout the day

  • Eating at least 50-60% of carbs

body type mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph


This type of body, compared to the previous one, shows completely opposite characteristics since a subject of this kind would have fat in excess, low muscle definition, hence not lean at all nor skinny and most of all, it is very hard to drop down weight no matter which kind of diet or workout plan is followed.

To enlist the most common (general) characteristics we could say that:

  • Easier fat accumulation

  • Harder effort to drop down weight

  • Easily fatigued

  • Larger frame

  • Thicker adipose tissue

  • Insatiable appetite

In regards of the possible training tips for such type of body, we could suggest to:

  • Train in a range of 15 reps at least or more

  • Do a lot of cardio (H.I.I.T, Tabata etc.)

  • Rest in between sets of 30 to 45 seconds

  • Do also compound lifts to burn more calories

three body typesSo, for a subject like that, in the specific case of Calisthenics trainings, it is worth saying that could be very useful to firstly drop down a bit of weight with some cardio trainings done regularly throughout the week for at least few months, since changes won’t happen from one day to another; especially when it comes to fasten the metabolism a little.

Together with that, of course it is very important to combine a healthier diet plan, with several smaller meals during the day; in this way, it’ll be reduced the overall amount of daily food eaten and, at the same time, the metabolism will start to work more by using the energies stored in the body and to burn the fat thanks to the cardio trainings.

Then, once the weight dropped down a little, it can be useful to approach Calisthenics still in a way that the body won’t put on mass immediately, but will keep burning fat and getting leaner muscles thanks to the kind of workouts that will be more focused on shorter breaks and a fair amount of repetitions each set of exercise.

Also in this case, in regards of the dieting tips, and in consideration of what we stated above, we could say that:

  • Diminishing the total amount of food can be beneficial, by considering for instance to take as a parameter one fist and make the meals out of it (in terms of quantity)

  • Compared to an ectomorph body type, in this case carbs should be lowered to 30-40% or even less considering how easily such body type accumulates fat

  • Avoid processed food and eat more whole grains

  • Eating vegetables can help to feel full, since most of the feeling comes from the water contained in them

  • The same can be told for water, drinking a lot of water helps to feel full and so to compensate the appetite

  • A proper diet plan of course is needed, but make no mistakes in cutting out all of a sudden, all the food that feeds the body with the energies it requires

  • Divide the daily caloric intake in 5-6 meals


Well, in consideration of the differences enlisted above between ectomorph and endomorph, we can surely say that this is the best body type ever that they all dream about.

Why is that?! Simply because it is a mix of the two previous body types (“best of both worlds”) being characterized by a larger frame (bone structure) like the endomorph and low body fat, hence leaner muscles, like the ectomorph.

To sum up the common characteristics of a mesomorph body we can say that:

  • Typically, is symmetrical built

  • Has large shoulders and small waist

  • Low body fat

  • Seems to be able to put on muscles easily

  • Seems to be able to drop down fat easily

  • Eats in moderate way

Just to give you an idea of who, among the world’s most known celebrities, has this kind of body we can mention for sure Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg and many more.

About the training tips, we could say that:

  • A subject of this kind can work in a range of 8-12 reps each se

  • 30 seconds or even 1 minute rest between sets

  • Since this kind of body doesn’t require a ton of cardio, it is sufficient to include it periodically to keep the body lean

In this case, there is not much to say in terms of specific Calisthenics ways of training to stay lean and build muscles, since such body type has already naturally enough advantages.

So it’ll be sufficient to build a proper workout schedule that leads to increase strength, explosiveness since by working out the body will be already bulked up and lean.

endomorph workout

There’s a very little to say also about the dieting tips too, considering how easy it is for this body type to stay lean, keep low body fat and maintain a good muscle mass:

  • Keep carbs in a range of 40-60%

  • Definitely bigger portion meals compared to an endomorph

  • Also in this case, could be recommended to divide in 5-6 meals the daily calories intake

  • A proper calories intake so to keep indeed the muscle mass

One very important thing to emphasize, in consideration of three body types we just analyzed, is that in this world it will be very hard to find someone who matches exactly with just one of such body types.

Each one of us has a body that is usually characterized by elements of at least two body types combined; you just have to think a little about all the characteristics enlisted above and you will find out to which of those you match the most.

Of course, is not impossible that someone can surely have a body type of the three above; in that case, for instance if mesomorph, surely such subject will have incredible advantages in terms of natural beauty physique and in terms of doing less efforts in eating and training to stay muscular and lean.

It is also possible to change from a body type to another, but of course it will imply a lot of sacrifices, habits’ changes, a lot of efforts in terms of trainings and diets; as we all know those who are into this path tend also to include supplements in their diet plan to fasten the burn fat process, but in my opinion, I would take longer time, do more sacrifices in terms of eating healthy and do more efforts in every training and reach a fair result in duly time.


calisthenics body



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