Stretching and mobility program

Stretching and mobility program

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– New programs divided by type so to focus on increasing mobility as well as flexibility
– Video tutorials step by step on how to execute each exercise in each routine with correct form, time ranges and how to progress to the next level of each exercise
– Full routines both for mobility and flexibility, with also some yoga tips
– Routines are divided in single video clips per each exercise
– Each routine is also available in a unique video clip, so to learn the whole sequence of exercises
– A separate list of specific exercises that you can include in your own routines, so to customize and make them more and more suitable to your needs

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Stretching and mobility program
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This full mobility and stretching program will take you through a whole new path towards becoming an overall better Calisthenics / Street Workout athlete.

Thanks to the contents of these programs, divided per type, hence a whole mobility routine, followed by a whole stretching routine, you will have chance to definitely improve your overall flexibility, mobility and most of all become a better Calisthenics performer.

Each routine is explained carefully in details, with video clip contents; every single exercise is showed in its execution in separate clips.

In the end, you can also watch the execution of every full routine in just one single video clip so to master and take them with you wherever you are.

For every routine, is explained how to progress towards the next level of each exercise and which are the breaks you have to take between them during the execution.

Become a master of your body, learn which are your limits and go beyond them, start including these programs on a daily basis and you won’t have regrets of the results you can achieve, thanks to them.