Stretching and mobility program

This program is clearly organized, and divided into specific sections. The stretching and mobility routines make use of various sport disciplines such as calisthenics or yoga and many others. Not only are they perfect to implement in the mornings, but also on rest days or after your workout session to cool down the body and control it’s development.

About our Stretching Program

This full mobility and stretching program will take you through a whole new path towards becoming an overall better Calisthenics/Street Workout athlete. Or, if you are simply interested in increasing your overall mobility and flexibility, to make your body healthier day by day.

About our Stretching Program

Stretching program consists of:



  • videos 15 videos
  • skills 13 exercises


  • videos 31 videos
  • skills 28 exercises


  • videos 29 videos
  • skills 26 exercises

Program includes:

Program includes:

– 26 stretching exercises videos with explanation
– 30 mobility exercises videos with explanation
– 3 follow along routines
– Informative videos explaining each exercise
– Step by step video tutorials
– Full body stretching routine
– Morning mobility routine
– Stretching exercises library for each muscle group

* Note, this program is available only if you already own one of our programs.

Benefits of stretching and mobility program :

With your purchase you will get a bunch of stretching and mobility exercises for each muscle group along with three routines stated above. Program includes all of the most important exercises needed to get a first habit to complete new levels of mobility and flexibility. It often happens that many calisthenics athletes do not find enough time for stretching and moblity which then occurs in injuries and poor flexibility that is limiting in many calisthenics skills. Choose a different path – go for it, start implementing stretching and mobility with patience, ambition and most of all, the will to change yourself. Learn the way of living so that you can always find the time to dedicate to your body and your health.
Start today and get rid of all those worries, aches, pains and whatever causes you to slow down during the day. Stop limiting yourself!


Get access to our program

Stretching Program



– 13 Mobility exercises
– 13 Explanation videos
– Follow along routine
– How to use guidance
– Frequently asked questions
– Consultations with coach

– 28 Mobility exercises
– 28 Explanation videos
– Follow along routine
– How to use guidance
– Frequently asked questions
– Consultations with coach

– 26 Stretching exercises
– 26 Explanation videos
– Dynamic and static stretches
– Different stretching techniques
– Effective stretching explanation
– Follow along routine
– Additional pack of 20 exercises
– Consultations with coach

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Stretching program

– Over 70 high quality videos
– Exercises for each muscle group
– Step by step guidance
– Possibility of own routine customization

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