One Arm Handstand in 14 days? It’s possible! Find out how to achieve it
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One Arm Handstand in 14 days? It’s possible! Find out how to achieve it

One Arm Handstand in 14 days

As cool the one arm handstand looks, as hard it is to do even for professionals. It takes time to perform it and costs a lot of sweat.
In simple words, it’s extremely difficult movement to do, even for pro trainers.
The view of the movement could be familiar to you, but mostly it’s performing with the wall assistant. Naturally, it’s not the full one arm handstanding in the basic form.
After a couple of month of training for nearly whole week training – sometimes even two times a day – It was possible to hold OAHS only for 3 seconds in the row without lowering the body.

What it must be done to achieve it?

The answer is quite simple – regular and systematic training combined with an excellent trainer to show to you, how to prepare and perform one arm handstand properly.

One arm Handstand – the beginnings

If you want one day to perform one arm handstand, first you need to do is to overcome regular handstand. If you think to skip that step and go further – please, just stop. PLEASE. It seems so obvious but not for everyone.

Each one of us has to overcome their own way and conquer own limitations and restrictions. That’s why our training will be different despite we have the same goal, after all.

Still, despite our experience, it’s always a great idea to find a coach who’s going to guide you step by step to the one arm handstand.

The Coach with the Coach

Despite your skill or experience level, there is always a time when you need to find your own coach to make progress.

Training with an experienced coach, who can prepare an individual, tailor-made workout is always the much more effective solution that working on your own, without any guidance.

If your goal is to learn the new skill or overcome new movement, try to find someone more experienced than you, who have done it already. But the more important thing is to make sure that person is able to teach you, how to achieve your goal. Finding personal mentor is also the better idea because it could be quite difficult to self-assess the progress and make corrections on your own.

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How to describe working with the external mentor?


Day to day I had received a feedback by email or quick video in terms my progressions and useful tips, my mentor has a lot of passion in terms of his student’s skills development, that’s why it was a great experience to have a be able to work with him.

All he wants is to give you a necessary knowledge, does his best and bust your ass to help you in reaching your goal.

Every move you take, every step you make, any success or failure are only small steps to even smaller progression in your path to full success.

That’s something more than overnight achievement.

In terms of the one arm handstand, there are so many movements, tricks, and ect., you can get a headache thanks to only thinking about it. I can fully admit, it wouldn’t be possible without a mentor’s guidance and knowledge.

Hot to improve the OAHS progress – check three-technique

If you want to do one arm handstand, have a look at the three optional techniques which help you in getting in there far more faster.

Indeed, the path to the one arm handstand is extremely hard and also there are some issues who have an impact on the progress tempo. That’s I have prepared some useful tips to have in mind if you want to prepare your body for future one arm handstand workout.

1) Overcome one-minute handstand

If you really want to get to the OAHS in bit more rapid tempo, first you need to take care of your strong and well-balanced regular handstand.

Keep in mind that having an issue with regular handstand is a clear sign you need to put more practice in it before even thinking about one arm handstand.

Until the moment, you are not able to perform at least for a minute regular handstand with lowering your body in one straight line, the trial of doing OAHS is simply pointless. Furthermore, even then the next step will be performing straddle handstand.

2) Two-hours a day workout

There are no effects without an effort. That’s why you need to book at least two hours per day of pure handstand training if you want results in short period of time.

If it is too much for you or after a couple of days you just have lack of motivation – you need start thinking about another skill to overcome or lowering your expectations in terms of the more rapid results.

Just to be clear – it’s not like it’s impossible to do it without 2 hours long training. It is, but if you want to sacrifice only your free time for the training, probably you’ll gain any results in two years time or even longer.

If you want results in fast tempo, you need train at least a day for five or even more days a week. Every workout was focused on handstand solely with having in mind the progressions delivered by my coach.

3) Remember about skill’s memory

Remembering about a good practice, like straddle side to side, coming out onto five or four fingers, is crucial and forgetting about them can follow the consequences if the following OAHS.

Thanks to appropriate warming up and starting with the early stages of the training helps your body to “remember” them in the future so you’ll be able to perform them without special focusing on them.

Improving your body balance control and strength, expand your “skill memory” and believe me, in terms of any other more advanced exercises, one arm handstand included, worth its weight in gold.

Knowledge to remember

The persistence with the years of experience and skills allows to make a good base for the future, rock-solid one arm handstand.

The path to a rock-solid one arm handstand is a long way with demanding workouts and skipping a crucial exercise could effect in lack of necessary strength and body balance control which are a base for OAHS. Indeed, the temptation to just put off feet of the wall or hand off the ground is huge but it’s simply a way to disaster, not the progress you desire so much.

Below, you will find the exact explanation, why is so important to be patient:

Hours and hours of focusing on scapular elevation during kicking up into a straddle handstand.
Hard pushing the ground, because a leg dropping out during the lifting up.
Checking and checking the breathing and making sure if the legs are pointed in right direction. Next, you’ve taken out in a finger, then two and whole hand in the end.
When you’ve fought you were ready to exhale and started to take out the hand, everything lost, because something is missing (scapular elevation failed) and you were too exhausted to push back into it. But still there was like 13-15 sets to do and nobody is going to replace you for sure.

Those all points developed the patient. After all those ups and downs, you’ll exactly knew you had to come back again and do dozens and dozens of repeats, it will be obvious that rapid tempo is not a friend of yours.

Sometimes You will be thinking like “at the next time I will do IT”. Unfortunately, usually,

it will be just another rep, when you have screwed it out and keep it in mind.

This is so called patience and tenancy.

Remember, you have just started

It’s just the beginning and couple of steps to the OAHS is in front of you.

Performing of one arm handstand is very impressing and simply hyper exciting experience for the audience. Still, the most valuable part of the movement it’s the way you got there. During the whole training, you’ll learn a lot about youself and also about focusing on the present movement, shaping each particular move, instead of thinking about many things at the time.

If you have an appropriate coach, foundation, and an attitude, of course, you can achieve every movement, an exercise at any level, if you have patience and a tenancy.

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I start practice OAHS January 2017.
On the last week i can do it one arm handstand in 8 second(first time) and second time i can do 12 second. but on this week i didn’t one arm handstand 4 second, i fall on 3 second, what happened with my progress oahs? Please give me tutorial for my problem oahs. Thank you

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