How to calculate your caloric needs

The first step in nutrition is to estaminate your caloric needs. You must know it in order to set caloric surplus ( to gain on muscle mass ) or deficite ( to get rid of bodyfat ). Take your first steps and learn with me how to calculate your daily caloric...

How to backlever

Backlever is the skill that I decided to learn at the beginning of my workouts. It requires a lot of strength in your shoulders, arms and of course mostly core. In order to gain it perform basic exercises such as pull ups, leg raises, hollow body and izometric core...

Full body warm up

Calisthenics requires proper warm up in order to prevent injuries. You should especially focus on the most used muscles. In order to prevent injuries we recommend you starting with 5-10 of active warm up which can be f.e. jumping jacks, jumping rope or mountain...

Why is stretching and warm up important ?

You always should begin your calisthenics workout routine with proper warm up. It is very important in order to prevent injuries by adapting your muscles as well as your joints to very demanding activity. We highly recommend you paying attention to stretching and...