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Our black Wrist Wraps are professional wrappers which prevents wrist from injures, protecting them during physical exercises. Do you have problems with stabilizing and positioning your wrists? Choose Wrist Wraps from Caliathletics and keep correct posture during training. With them, you will safely lift even very heavy loads. Using them maximizes safety of performed exercises, having a positive impact on their results at the same time.

Our black Wrist Wraps have a universal length and their colour will perfectly fit for both men’s and women’s sportswear.


Intended use: Calisthenics, Street workout, CrossFit, gymnastics, bodybuilding

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Fabric: 100% cotton

Length: 75 cm

Width: 7 cm

*The size may differ from one pair to another

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Wrist Wraps from Caliathletics are speciali wrist stiffeners whose main aim is to protect the joints during workout with weightlifting. Whether we exercise with a barbell or with our own body weight; amateur or professional – we are always exposed to injuries. Wrist protection is particularly important because this part of our body take an active part in the training of virtually every muscle batch. Wrist Wraps stabilise joints, helping them to maintain a correct posture during exercise, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of injuries. Correct use of our wraps increases the level of training safety, positively influencing achieved results.

Caliathletics Wrist Wraps are not only for athletes. Joints in wrist are very delicate and therefore remain vulnerable to damage during all kinds of physical effort- even during everyday activities such as working in the garden, home or a garage. It is worth to use stiffeners even before you experience any noticeable problems with your joints or bones. 

Black Wrist Wraps are a universal length – you can adjust their size to your needs! This allows us to fully minimize the risk of injury. The material used in our products does not rub off our skin and prevents excessive sweating. They are soft and comfortable to use. Black Wrist Wraps have a universal color, suitable both for women and men, which will perfectly complement any gym outfit

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