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Red Wrist Wraps from Caliathletics are great wrist stiffeners to support the training of both professionals and amateurs. They support the joints perfectly during all the exercises with load. With the use of calisthenic Wrist Wraps your safety and efficiency of your daily workout will be increased. Wrappers will significantly reduce the risk of a painful and a long-term injury. Take care of your wrists! Do you like to stand out from the crowd? 

Choose our Wrist Wraps in juicy red colour. Their universal length and high quality comfort material will make you think that further workout without calisthenic wraps is impossible!


Intended use: Calisthenics, Street workout, CrossFit, gymnastics, bodybuilding

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Fabric: 100% cotton

Length: 75 cm

Width: 7 cm

*The size may differ from one pair to another

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Wrist Wraps from Caliathletics are speciali wrist stiffeners. We created them to support the delicate joints wrists during weight lifting workouts. They are perfect both for exercising with accessories at the gym and when using for it only your body weight. Wrist Wraps guarantee safe and comfortable exercise without the risk of painful injury. Wrists engage in exercises for practically every muscle group – that is why it is so important to stabilise and protect them properly. The use of stiffeners will not only increase the safety level of our training, but can also have a positive impact on its results.It is important to remember that not only amateur or professional athletes are exposed to wrist injuries. It is said that prevention is more important than cure, which is why Caliathletics Wrist Wraps are aimed to those all who are dealing with increased physical activity. Due to their gentle structure, wrist joints are also exposed to injuries during domestic, garage or garden work. If these activities are doing regularly, it is worth using calisthenic Wrist Wraps immediately, so as not to lead to joint and bone pain. 

Red Wrist Wraps are perfect for any situation, bringing contrast to any outfit. Our wraps have been created in a universal size so that you can adjust them to your body and individual needs. 

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