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Wrist Wraps in blue are the professional wrist stiffeners created for weightlifting trainings. Do you want to be fit? Take care not only of a pretty figure but also of your health! Training with Wrist Wraps supports the joints of the wrists and reduce possibility of their damage.

What is more, Wrist Wraps will improve your stability and the position of your hands during exercises. The deep blue colour will delight both male and female. Adjust the length of the Wrist Wraps to your posture and needs. Choose our products – enjoy comfortable, high quality material and safe workouts.


Intended use: Calisthenics, Street workout, CrossFit, gymnastics, bodybuilding

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Fabric: 100% cotton

Length: 75 cm

Width: 7 cm

*The size may differ from one pair to another

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Wrist Wraps from Caliathletics are speciali wrist stiffeners. Their main goal is to stabilise and protect wrist joints during increased physical effort. They are suitable to use in sports as well as for intensive work in the garage, garden or during physical profession. Wrist Wraps will perfectly support your wrists while exposing them to external load and for activities in which we have to keep our own body weight. Proper use of Wrist Wraps will significantly minimise the risk of injures. What is more it prevents from bone friction, wiping out of cartilage and diseases caused by deformations.

Are you an athlete? Do you practice amateurly or professionally? If the answer is yes, Caliathletics Wrist Wraps are designed especially for you. Their usage increase safety of your training whether if you use machines or free weights or you work with your own weight, practicing calisthenics or street workout. Despite being involved in almost every muscle training wrists have a delicate joint structure. That is why they need professional support during training, which Wrist Wraps provides. Our calisthenic Wrist Wraps in stylish blue colour will fit for both men and women. Their distinctive colour will make you stand out from the crowd and give you a sporty look. Adjust the universal size of the Wrist Wraps to your own needs and posture.

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