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Liquid chalk is an excellent choice for athletes looking for their grip strength improvement. Compared to chalk produced in cubes – it does not stain clothes and training equipment. Thanks to it, it is possible to reduce excessive sweating of the hands, which significantly facilitates exercising on bars or lifting weights. In our offer you will find liquid chalk in a convenient 250 ml package, so you can easily take it to training.

Advantages of using liquid chalk

Liquid chalk has many properties, which is why it is eagerly chosen by athletes, including:
– less sweating of the hands,
firm grip,
-better friction,
– perfect hand grip,
-minimizing the risk of injury.

Who is liquid chalkdedicated to?

Liquid chalk is a product dedicated to all those who practice sports, such as calisthenics, bodybuilding, crossfit, pole dance or do strength training with weights. It gives a special coating that prevents any element from slipping out of your hands, thus ensuring your safety and the possibility of performing more repetitions.

Application method

Liquid chalk should be applied before training. Before use, shake the packaging, then apply a few drops on your hands and spread it thoroughly. Wait a moment for the preparation to soa. The frequency of application depends on your needs and weather conditions, the temperature and humidity of the air are particularly important. After training, wash your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water and use a moisturizing cream.

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