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Calisthenics is a type of exercise that increases body, muscle strength and develop your balance. Exercises involve the use of gravity and bodyweight leverage. To prevent injury during exercise, you can use various accessories designed especially for this kind of activity, eg. handstand blocks.

Handstand blocks – how they work?

Athletes want the exercises to be more effective and make the muscles gain strength. One of the basic activity is handstand, which requires perfect body balance and work of many muscles. Handstand blocks will make this process easier and better.   

Advantages of the handstand blocks 

  • provide stability during the handstand
  • reduce wrist pain 
  • help to increase muscles strength
  • help maintain body balance
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  • Fit & Size
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Wooden with anti-slip rubber

9,5 x 13 x 5,5

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Handstand blocks – Caliathletics

Calisthenics is a physical activity that naturally develops motor coordination, muscles, endurance and agility. Strength exercises performed during calisthenic training involve the use of body weight as a load. This doesn’t mean, however, that the joints are not exposed to overload, pressure and injuries – to prevent this, various stiffeners and accessories are used, including blocks for standing on hands.

How to use blocks handstand blocks?

Many people who practice street workout practice in such a way that the performed exercises are both effective in terms of physical development, but also look effective and achieving them is a kind of challenge.

One of these challenges is to stand on your hands – it requires the athlete to amazingly master his body and achieve harmony of all muscles. In order to be able to stand on your hands, you need to warm up earlier all joints and muscle parts involved in this exercise – wrists, shoulders, back muscles, abdominals, buttocks and legs. In short, virtually the entire body.

Beginnings can be difficult – and while there are many different techniques for doing this exercise, handstand blocks help you develop your muscles faster and balance your body better.

Advantages of handstand blocks

Handstand blocks significantly facilitate painful beginnings. To properly stand on our hands, our muscles must not only be properly strengthened, but our whole body must learn the right balance and harmony – that’s why at the beginning we fall so easily right after we manage to “jump” on the hands. Handstand blocks force athletes to work out excessive balance, thanks to which standing on their hands without additional accessories seems much less complicated.

Handstand blocks also affect the reduction of pain in the wrists, which are mainly caused by poorly developed muscles of the hands and forearms. By exercising with handstand blocks you can significantly strengthen both the wrists and fingers, forearms and arms.

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