As a lot of you wanted a free version of the program as it would let you check out how the program works, looks like and how the platform itself behaves, I decided to create a workout program with the use of parallets.

From now on, access to the free program will be granted to anyone who makes an order on our website. Additionally, you will be able to download a free E-book for beginners!



Hi! It’s Darek here, the founder of Caliathletics – a company that made its debut on the international market by creating one of the largest online training platform – currently with over 20,000 users.

Our platform includes a database of over 300 instructional videos and 20 levels of difficulty (the programs are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced workout programs). Due to numerous inquiries about the free version of the program (so you could play with the platform, see how it works and why it can change your life) , I decided to create a free workout program with the use of parallettes.

However, I would like to highlight that the program is very simplified – its main purpose is to show you how the platform works and show you what you can expect from the instructional videos, that is the highest quality and great, informative animations. Being aware that many people have no idea how to create their own routines, we decided to give you a hand with that and create sample workout programs that are available without any extra charge! We really hope that the programs will be your training inspiration.

The free workout program includes 3 routines for each difficulty level (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The paid version of the program is much more expanded and complex, and includes an extensive progression system (over 70 training routines). This means that if you decide that the free program is too difficult or too easy, we recommend you check out our Elite Body Transformation package. You will definately reach your goals with it!


After purchasing any product on our website, an account with an access to the program will be created automatically. Every information will be send to you via email. To view the program, just go to the “Dashboard” tab and find “Free program” from the list of programs on the page. In addition, in the E-books tab, we have prepared for you a free e-book for beginners and not only!

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