Wristband Caliathletics

Wristband Caliathletics

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Sunny day or rainy weather – doesn’t mater.
Slim or wide wrist – doesn’t matter.
You can carry our imprevious rubber braclet everywhere – to work, for a training or to take a shower.
Made with the technique that ensure the fabric will not warp or break easily.
We build the community – do it with us!

189 in stock (can be backordered)

4 reviews for Wristband Caliathletics

Was hoping to get sth like that, the tag is stamped and durable

Got one for free with big order, thanks Darek

I love silicon bracelets and that’s the one that suits me. The logo is not printed but stamped so the durability should be on point

hi derik nice band awesome

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Wristband Caliathletics
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Size: universal
Fabric: silicone
Color: black with white signs
Stamped, durable tag