Wrist Wraps (black)

Wrist Wraps (black)

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Imagine an item that is able to protect your wrists joints and prevent injuries, help you lift your maximum load and keep wrists in a perfect position.
Sounds perfect? It does!
But what’s even better, we have them here for you.
Wrist wraps are often decribed as strips of a cloth.
But believe us, it’s more than that.
Go and check it out yourself.

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7 reviews for Wrist Wraps (black)

It’s fine for calisthenics and but for powerlifiting I would choose the velcro ones, but this is just my preference

I’ve noticed better results in the gym with my grip so it really helps to keep the strict form

Arrived on time, ok

Loved the quality!

Good. I recommended it to my friends.

What’s the most important, they are comfy and stay wrapped well. I have them for quite short time so I cannot say anything about durability but we’ll se, hope to be good

(verified owner)

Open the eyes! This is awesome. Best calisthenics apparel.

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Wrist Wraps (black)
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Size: 75 x 7 cm
Color: Black
Fabric: 100% cotton
Easy tightening and loosing
*The size may differ from one pair to another