Wrist Wraps (blue)

Wrist Wraps (blue)


Imagine an item that is able to protect your wrists joints and prevent injuries, help you lift your maximum load and keep wrists in a perfect position.
Sounds perfect? It does!
But what’s even better, we have them here for you.
Wrist wraps are often decribed as strips of a cloth.
But believe us, it’s more than that.
Go and check it out yourself.

18 in stock

Weight5 kg

Size: 75 x 7 cm
Color: Blue
Fabric: 100% cotton
Easy tightening and loosing
*The size may differ from one pair to another

4 reviews for Wrist Wraps (blue)


Good but material is tougher that I though, but it’s still comfy and helps with a grip so okay.


There`s only one word for use, AWESOME! 😀


Great color that looks dope on the bar and photos, really fine with using them

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I have training calisthenics for awhile (caliathletics program of course) when I started progressing more and learning harder skills I knew I had to buy some wrist wraps! Now I can train harder performing more reps and longer holds knowing that my joints are protected! In my opinion they look super sick and Darek even signed mine 🙂 I am very satisfied with my purchase and I definitely buy some more caliathletics equipment/apparel!

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