Workout program

Workout program

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-Lifetime access to programs
-Beginner including 8 levels
-Intermediate including 8 levels
-Advanced including 4 levels
-Static skills guides
-Dynamic skills guides
-Videos of each workout day

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11 reviews for Workout program

(verified owner)

I’ve found this program by searching o YouTube for some motivational body transformations, accidentally finding Dareks one. I never used any online program because I was scared it will be not suitable to my needs(I wanted to grow muscle mass but also work on some calisthenics skills that I found in his video). I decided to give it a try after watching some more videos on Caliathletics YouTube and reading articles in knowledge section. After four months I was able to increase my pull ups from 3 up to 8 in 4 sets! Despite that I learnt l-sit and handstand from skills guides and I finally I gained 10lbs with only bodyweight exercises! I am really looking forward to start with intermediate level (currently on beginner level 7) and thank you Darek if you’re reading this. That changed my life!

(verified owner)

Thanks to Darek and his journey & YT videos it inspired me to start with a calisthenics. I bought this program and strated working out – to be honest sometimes I’ve though on giving up cause it was kinda hard for me, but I have in my head all the time this video of Darek. End then I saw progression mostly in my strenght, also i bulked. I’m at my first threee months now and I already gained 5kg. Starting I had 17% body fat, now it’s 12,5% and I am satisfied on how my muscle growth.

(verified owner)

This full body work out program is quite amazing! Each and every excercise is thoroughly explained and shown. So far I have accomplished a Beginner. We’ll see how will I handle with the Intermediate. Keep your fingers crossed!

(verified owner)

I completed lvl 6 beginner program and in the middle of lvl 7. During the workout I have some struggles but keeep pushing that. And I already can do a muscle up

(verified owner)

Great job Darek, your full body workout program is awesome. It helped me with improving dynamic skills that I’m working on right now

(verified owner)

At the very beggining I would like to thank you Darek for such an amazing work out plan. I used to lift previously but due to some injury I was forced to stop.
after convalescence I decided to get back to sport. My friend has told me about calisthenics and Darek and this is how my journey has began. Can’t wait to be able to make a human flag. Once again, thanks a lot!

(verified owner)

What helped me the most is that under videos there’s a list of each exercise with reps and series plus useful tool with marking each training as completed, u don’t have to remember which was the last and then the progress is quite visible

(verified owner)

Great program, awesome videos – well, no more to say

(verified owner)

Cool workout program, it really helped me to improve my skills

(verified owner)

Even tho I’ve been hooked up into calisthenics for a while, I needed a structured workout routine and that’s why I decided to try out this program. Best part that need equipment that is almost at every outdoor park or home with bars and still be able to workout.

(verified owner)

The perfect workout plan for becoming better in calisthenics. Every workout day includes full body workout.

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Workout program
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Program contains 8 levels which will lead you from the total beginner to an intermediate with basic calisthenics skills achieved. The 8 level system will let you progress individually in the time you actually need at the same time preventing from injuries. Once you feel confident on the current level you can try to achieve next one.

  • 8 levels of beginner program
  • 28 workout routines that gradually increase it’s difficulty
  • 28 workout videos presenting each workout day
  • 7 Beginner static and dynamic skills guides



You are now strong enough to discover the beauty of calisthenics. In this program you’ll move to new superb exercises and calisthenics skills. The levels will be more and more challenging, do not even think of quitting now!

  • 8 levels of beginner program
  • 24 workout routines that gradually increase it’s difficulty
  • 24 workout videos presenting each workout day
  • 3 Static skills guides


Do not even think of it until you finish all Intermediate levels! This program is only for calisthenics elite ! Work hard to join it.

  • 4 levels of beginner program
  • 9 workout routines that gradually increase it’s difficulty
  • 9 workout videos presenting each workout day
  • 2 Static and dynamic skills guides


Program includes basic calisthenics skills lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Lessons include skills progressions, technique advices and workout tips.


In our program each workout day is presented on video. It is not only presenting you the exact sets and repetitions amount but also showing you how to perform each exercise in proper form.


You will be able to download following files in PDF:

  • 8 levels of beginner program
  • 8 levels of intermediate program
  • 4 levels of advanced program