Shaker Caliathletics (orange)

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Shaker Caliathletics (orange)

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School, work, friends meeting, hobbies. You don’t have much time to spend it on washing the dishes, do you?
This shaker may look simple but what’s most important – it is easy. Easy in use, easy portable and easy cleaning.
You know what they say: the simpler, the better.
Plus, it looks really dope!

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4 reviews for Shaker Caliathletics (orange)

The protein leaked once but that was my fall so watch out to close it carefully

Works fine and the color is as intense as on the pictures, it’s quite impressive

That’s a gift for my gf to motivate her for gym, we’ll see

Good. I would order from here again.

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Shaker Caliathletics (orange)
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Capacity: 600 ml
Color: Orange
Fabric: BPA free plastic
100% leakproof
EU Food Contact Regulations