Nutrition guide

Nutrition guide

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  • step by step guide on how to compose your diet
  • caloric needs calculator
  • example nutrition plans
  • instant access to Nutrition guide

8 reviews for Nutrition guide

(verified owner)

Was surprised when I calculated my caloric needs, it was really huuge, but worked out and now I’ve gained some mass so it seem to be reasonable. I go to gym.

(verified owner)

Quite refreshing summarize about basically known nutrition, but it’s good to have it all in one piece. As for me, best thing that you can make your own food plan based on this nutrition – follow few rules and I can eat as I want without regrets that I’m o diet.

(verified owner)

I used to use nutrition plan given by dietican and it was good but had to strictly follow meal times and that was annoying. After reading this ebook I try to prepare and compose my own meal plan. I have some troubles sometimes, but still learing, hope to be easier in the future.

(verified owner)

I have changed a little my view on „healthy” eating, accually wasn’t even aware of some of these facts.

(verified owner)

Finally I managed to get complete nutrition guid! It contains all nessecary tips and advices needed to start healthy eating. I didn’t know that it might be soooo easy. Thanks Darek!

(verified owner)

I simple adjusted meals to suit my dietary needs and pushed harder than I have ever pushed before – loving every second of it. The end result? INCREDIBLE

(verified owner)

Major thankies for the blog article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.


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Nutrition guide
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  • How to estimate your caloric needs
  • How to set your calories to gain muscle mass or loose body fat
  • How to set up your macronutrients in diet
  • The importance of food quality, micronutrients and water
  • 2 sets of example nutrition plans
  • Frequently asked questions and myths regarding nutrition



Example nutrition plans includes meals sets with calculated calories and macronutrients that present how can you set up your nutrition based on Nutrition guide. Remember that these are just the example.

  • 6 example nutrition plans for getting shredded
  • 6 example nutrition plans for building muscle mass



At anytime you can send me the message with your questions at : Make sure to give it a title “Consulations”



  • Nutrition guide
  • Example nutrition plans