1. Terms and conditions
  2. Affiliate Service
  3. Benefit system and payout mode


  1. Terms and conditions

Affiliate Partner is a person who works closely with Caliathletics in order to overachieve and give promotion to our workout programs and merchandise.

How does it work? If a visitor clicks on one of your links or banners, he will be transferred to our website and his activities will be tracked via our Affiliate Program. Once the visitor purchases, you earn a commission.

Please note that conversions made via sites with coupon codes will not be accepted. As it was said, you should have your own source (such as Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/Blog) – at other sites traffic is generated via Google, not your followers.


  1. Affiliate Service

In order to help you manage your network we use a Tapfiliate Service – you will have an overview over conversion, generated traffic and commissions.

To join Our Team, please go to Caliathletics Tapfiliate Program and fill in the necessary fields. Then add your account’s details, such as contact info and payment method. You are ready to go!

This system is intuitive tool and we are sure that you will learn how to use. All clues are also available on Tapfiliate site anytime. Here you can find the most important sections:

  • Dashboard: Here you have a view on how the affiliate program is doing;
  • Assets: You will find here your unique referral link and marketing materials provided by us;
  • Conversions & Commissions: This page shows you an overview of the total conversions and commissions you generated in total. The commission is needed to be approved by us before the payout;
  • Payouts: Here are all information about accepted commissions, so it shows the amount of money that we will pay to you by the method you have chosen.

If you have technical questions regarding using Affiliate Program or you would like to clarify terms that we are using, please visit the Knowledge Base provided by Tapfiliate under this link.


  1. Payment model and benefits

We work with the system pay-per-sale. As we appreciate your effort, we want to build a long-term relationship with our Affiliate Partners.

The commission percentage of each sale will be calculated as shown below:

Number of sales % of commission on each sale
>10 30
11-20 35
21-30 40
31-40 45
41< 50

As you can see, with every 10th customer your earnings are higher. It is starting from 30% on each sale. With eleventh customer your commission will rise to 35% and so on.

Commissions are paid monthly on the 10th day of each month. To settle the payment we use the information that you provided in details while log in. In order to renegotiate the terms please contact us directly.

Cookie time duration for our program is 40 days. It means that 40 days are maximum amount of time that can pass from person’s last click to conversion in order to get commission.

Five main benefits of joining Caliathletics Affiliate Program

  1. Minimal risk and unlimited development opportunities.
  2. Quick and easy registration process.
  3. Working on Tapfiliate service and having a quick view on every important aspect of your activity.
  4. No worries about creating a product, payment process or clients service – it is all on our side.
  5. Support as a part of cooperation by providing sample social media post or hashtags.