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Full Body Transformation

5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


-Lifetime access to programs
-Beginner including 8 levels
-Intermediate including 8 levels
-Advanced including 4 levels
-Static skills guides
-Dynamic skills guides
-Videos of each workout day
-Nutrition guide (worth $39)
-Caloric needs calculator
-Example nutrition plans
-Possibility of consultations with Darek








Program contains 8 levels which will lead you from the total beginner to an intermediate with basic calisthenics skills achieved. The 8 level system will let you progress individually in the time you actually need at the same time preventing from injuries. Once you feel confident on the current level you can try to achieve next one.

  • 8 levels of beginner program
  • 28 workout routines that gradually increase it’s difficulty
  • 28 workout videos presenting each workout day
  • 7 Beginner static and dynamic skills guides



You are now strong enough to discover the beauty of calisthenics. In this program you’ll move to new superb exercises and calisthenics skills. The levels will be more and more challenging, do not even think of quitting now!

  • 8 levels of beginner program
  • 24 workout routines that gradually increase it’s difficulty
  • 24 workout videos presenting each workout day
  • 3 Static skills guides


Do not even think of it until you finish all Intermediate levels! This program is only for calisthenics elite ! Work hard to join it.

  • 4 levels of beginner program
  • 9 workout routines that gradually increase it’s difficulty
  • 9 workout videos presenting each workout day
  • 2 Static and dynamic skills guides


Program includes basic calisthenics skills lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Lessons include skills progressions, technique advices and workout tips.


In our program each workout day is presented on video. It is not only presenting you the exact sets and repetitions amount but also showing you how to perform each exercise in proper form.


Is an E-book in which you will find all necessary information on how to set your nutrition in order bouild muscle mass or reduce body fat. Including:

  • How to estimate your caloric needs
  • How to set your calories to gain muscle mass or loose body fat
  • How to set up your macronutrients in diet
  • The importance of food quality, micronutrients and water
  • 2 sets of example nutrition plans
  • Frequently asked questions and myths regarding nutrition


Example nutrition plans includes meals sets with calculated calories and macronutrients that present how can you set up your nutrition based on Nutrition guide. Remember that these are just the example.

  • 6 example nutrition plans for getting shredded
  • 6 example nutrition plans for building muscle mass


At anytime you can send me the message with your questions at : customerservice@caliathletics.com Make sure to give it a title “Consulations”


You will be able to download following files in PDF:

  • 8 levels of beginner program
  • 8 levels of intermediate program
  • 4 levels of advanced program
  • Nutrition guide
  • Example nutrition plans



3 reviews for Full Body Transformation

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

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  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    So first many many thanks to Darek for all his Hard work!!!
    I spent 1 month looking for a program which tickled my Bones, Looked at Calimovements, Calisthenics Unities, Bar-brothers and many more…but i just didnt like the look of the programs, no proper trial that you can see if its for you or not….
    But then one morning i ran into this program by Darek! (obviously i fancied his transformation Video)…I looked at the trial, the structure of the program, and im a person who loves items that are professionally structured, and this definitely exceeded my expectations after i sucked up the 89USD…. im currently only at level 2 in the beginners, but i can feel how it works your body and really gets the tendons and muscles strengthened, and if by the end of a level you are still not prepared for the next level you can just repeat 1 or 2 days from the the level you are on until you are comfortable to move on!!! And every workout really makes you work, its no walk in the park my friends, and this is the beauty of the program for me…
    And of course Darek is super helpful, he answers emails very quickly and informative, like a personal trainer…

    So..moral of the story, if you have the money, don’t hesitate and buy this program already!!! Go for it!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    It was definitely the program I was looking for! The most important for me was to find the program that will let me start workouts with a very poor basics. I was barely able to do 3 pull ups and 10 push ups and now after two months I moved from level 3 up to level 6 and I am able to do 10 pull ups in a row!!

    Despite that i finallly managed my own diet based on nutrition guide and I gained 4 kg and it’s just the beginning!!

    Definitely recommend this program

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