Individual workout program

  • 39$ start fee than 9.99$/month
  • Full workout plan indicating the exact day of trainings, exercises, series, repetitions and rest time
  • An interview based on questionnaire
  • Access to forum and premium videos for
  • one month
  • The twice-weekly progress test which
  • will keep you motivated
  • Exclusive newsletter
  • E-book
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Nutrition guide

  • 39$ start fee than 9.99$/month
  • Step by step  how to compose your diet
  • Caloric needs calculator
  • E-Book
  • Nutrition videos
  • Example diet plan with 3 sets of meals
  • Instant access to Nutrition guide
  • My favorite recipes
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Access to premium content

  • No start fee
  • Access to all videos and forum
  • no diet plan
  • no training plan
  • no consultations
  • no progress test
  • no ebooks
  • no caloric needs calculator
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