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Individual workout plan

Are you fed up with workout plans which are schematic and in no way suited to the level you are on? Our training will be adapted individually to your needs ( based on the experiences from my one year body transformation). It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level nor whether your goal is to get athletic build or obtaining calisthenic skills

A workout plan includes:
– an interview based on questionnaire
– access to forum and premium videos for one month
– full workout plan indicating the exact day of trainings, exercises, series, repetitions and rest time
– the twice-weekly progress test which will keep you motivated

Nutrition Guide

Are you a skinny boy who is training, but can’t get more weight? Are you an overweight person who wants to get rid of few kilograms or maybe you just want to know the ins and outs of a healthy diet? I will provide you with my nutrition guide which will help you in achieving your goal.

A nutrition guide includes:
– Step by step instruction on how to compose your diet
– Caloric needs calculator
– E-Book
– Nutrition videos
– Example diet plan with 3 sets of meals
– Instant access to Nutrition guide
– My favorite recipes


Full body transformation

Would you like transform your body the way I did? If you want to maximize the results of your trainings and are focused on progress you want to make in a short time I will share with you all my experience and give you the methods I used.

As a member you will receive:
– an individual workout plan (worth 39$)
– an individual nutrition plan (worth 39$)
– possibility of consultations
– access to premium materials



My transformation

My name is Darek and my story probably began as yours. I’m a normal guy as you that was unsatisfacted with his body, I was really skinny at the beginning I weighted 57 kg ( 172/174 cm height ) and I honestly hated the way I look. Because of that I was not confident and there was a lot of situations that random people laughed at me, sometimes I was scared of being in places full of people. I decided to change my life and build self-confidence. I joined gym. I trained there for 3.5 months with a friend, but it wasn’t for me, I didn’t really like idea of it, I wanted to find passion in it at the same time, my classmate told me about calisthenics. I decided to start workouts at home with a pull up bar I had, I had no equipment expect that so I did dips between table and sofa I had in my mom’s room….

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Just doing my thing 👈🏼. My program: www.caliathletics.com  all you need is your bodyweight 💪🏼🔥There's no such good exercise for back like pull ups! Different kind, wide grip, archer, close grip, chin ups, explosive ones... these and much more will make your back grow as never before. Remember about proper technique and try it! 👌🏻A little bit inactive last time and that is caused by the new program I am working on that will be soon released on my website. However you can be sure that some new videos will be coming on my YouTube, stay patient and thanks for your support ! 💪🏼Check out Caliathletics fanpage today for some new stuff. Join our  Caliathletics Army group to become part of COMMUNITY 👌💪👊
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